1. IJC Administrator ( 1 to 2 days per week, can mostly be done remotely ):
● Interested in IJC and Liberal Judaism
● Entrepreneurial - wants to grow the community and build excitement about our activities
● Keen on executing administrative tasks
● A good organizer and well organized
● A clear communicator
● Email, Zoom, etc. proficient
● Computer savvy
● Able to communicate in French and English
● Knowledgeable about Judaism

Job description:
The IJC is looking for an ambitious, energetic, and entrepreneurial administrator. This position offers opportunities far beyond secretarial work. It includes organizing events and promoting the community (running the website, and the Google Adwords account) and other opportunities. It includes managing the IJC’s participation in the European Commission-sponsored Neighbors project. For details, look here. And it includes pursuing additional grant opportunities.

The IJC administrator is the first point of contact for people wanting to get in touch with the synagogue. The administrator will run the email, respond to social media posts and reach out to other partner organizations. The administrator provides answers or forwards the requests to the appropriate person in the community.
The IJC administrator works closely together with and assists our Communication, Security, and Membership coordinators as well as the President, the Rabbi, the Board, the RAC, the Hebrew School, and other community coordinators.
The IJC administrator will ensure smooth cooperation with our sister community Beth Hillel and its personnel as well as with the BESC and their security guards.

Tasks include:

● Monitoring ijc’s email inbox and answering the emails in a timely and friendly manner
and their follow-up.

● Sending out monthly Newsletter and posting it to the website in coordination with the
Communication team.

● Sending out announcements to the members in coordination with the Rabbi, the Board,
and the Communication team.

● Managing the registration forms for the High Holidays, events, membership renewal, etc.

● Website maintenance with the Web manager.

● Monitoring IJC social media outlets with the communication team and the Rabbi

● Managing the security process with rules established with BESC and the building’s
security guard including the vetting process for newcomers.

● Managing IJC Google drive, Zoom account, and the email lists

● Keeping up-dated the IJC/BH common calendar ( monitoring the social media and the
IJC’s website)

● Available at least one Shabbat a month to participate in the activities in the synagogue


2. Know Your Neighbour: project manager (2-year project, 1 to 2 days per week, can mostly
be done remotely ):

● Organize school visits and follow up

● Organizing training for the new guides

● Coordinating and communicating between the partners in Brussels and the consortium.
Uploading the documents to the EU portal as required. Gathering relevant data (school visits, coalition building events)

● Financial follow-up and Diligent bookkeeping

● Attendance of project coordination meetings (zoom)

● Transfer mid-term and final financial report to HIAS

● Flag any (potential) problems to HIAS

● Keep all documentation for potential audit

● Assure the overall good progress of the project


3. Know Your Neighbour: a guide for the synagogue visits (2-year project ):
● Available for training in Brussels ( three days )

● Guiding the visits during the school year, normally a couple of days per month or as

● French speaker

● Knowledgeable about Judaism

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