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International Jewish Center (IJC)


Back in 2004 a group of six Jewish families joined to form something that did not exist: an English-speaking Progressive Jewish community in Belgium, based in Brussels. What started from the vision of a few, has rapidly grown into a close-knit, thriving and active community of more than 100 full-time members, led by a dynamic rabbinical intern studying at the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin. The IJC provides regular Shabbat services, High Holiday celebrations, and an active Hebrew School for children representing many nationalities.

In recent years, as our community has grown, more and more  families and individuals in Belgium have enjoyed the benefits of the IJC. So whether you are passing through and need a place to celebrate the High Holidays or are  looking for more regular contact with a Jewish community that you can relate to, the IJC provides the openness and flexibility to suit you.

Brussels is one of the few cities in the world with a highly multicultural and international community. People from all over the world are often assigned here for a few years, or decide to stay here more permanently. Settling in, to a new job or school, as well as missing home and family traditions, are among the struggles we have all faced at some point. For some, helping children forge and/or hold on to an identity, especially when there is more than one nationality or religion within the family, constitutes an additional challenge. At the IJC these types of situations are commonplace amongst our members.


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